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Event regulation

The organizers, International Chess Federation FIDE and Italian Chess Federation together with UniChess and Accademia Scacchistica Monrealese are inviting all national chess federations of FIDE to participate in the World Senior Chess Championships 2023. The dates are 24 October (arrivals) to 6 November 2023 (departures).

2.1 All players shall have reached their age of 50+ and 65+ (by December 31st of the year in which the tournament will commence). In accordance with the FIDE tournament rules, the Championship will be played in four categories: age 50+ and 65+ (Open and Women).

2.2 The players placed 1-3 in the previous World Senior Championships in each category shall have personal right to participate. In addition, the top 3 players from each category of the previous year's Continental Senior Championships are qualified with personal right and their places cannot be substituted.

2.3 Players, other than Invited Players, shall be classified as Additional Players. All other persons, other than players shall be classified as Accompanying Persons.

2.4 In order to provide appropriate tournament conditions, players must complete carefully the official registration form and submit to the Organizers by Wednesday, 15 September 2023. Further participations may not be accepted, or an additional fee of 80 € (euros) may be requested according to the FIDE regulations.

3.1 Each player (Invited or Additional) or accompanying person should pay to the Organizers the amount of 100 € at the moment of their registration by 15 September 2023. This registration fee is compulsory and represents a confirmation of participation otherwise a registration will be invalid and will not be accepted.

3.2 All players and accompanying persons will receive accreditation and badges and free transfer in the official arrival and departure days from Palermo Airport.

Transfers for all players and accompanying persons on the official arrival and departure days from Palermo International Airport is free of charge.

3.3 The deadline for registration is 15 September 2023. After this date, organizers reserve the right to refuse or decline late registrations or, if there is availability, a penalty of 80 € for each late registration will be charged to participants.

3.4 Every registration must include the Federation, FIDE ID, surname, first name, accommodation type, dates of arrival/departure and the passport number of every player and every accompanying person who requires an invitation. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.

3.5 All the travel expenses must be paid by the participants or their Federation.

4.1 The Chief Arbiter will be announced in a due time.

4.2 FIDE Technical Delegate and FIDE Officials will be announced in due time

5.1 Type of Clock: DGT 3000 and DGT 2010

5.2 Electronic Devices, Wrist Watches & Pens: Mobile phones, electronic devices, and any other radio frequency source (except for medical purposes upon authorization provided by the CA), wrist watches (all type of wrist watches) and personal pens are prohibited inside the tournament hall.

6.1 Those who need visas must submit their data the latest on15 September 2023.

6.2 To proceed with the visa application, each federation/player must:

  1. Request the registration form by e-mail from the organizing committee
  2. fill it out and email it to the organizing committee via national federation along with pdf scans of the participants' passports, which must be valid for more than six months
  3. proceed with the payment of the registration fee as it will be communicated by the organizing committee
  4. at the same time as registering for the tournament, proceed with the reservation and payment of the hotel stay (if there are fees)

6.3 The Organizers will provide VISA assistance according to National laws only after all the pre-payments are made.

6.4 The Organizers are not responsible in case the Italian Consular authorities decline to issue the VISA due to public order and/or failing to meet all the requirements to obtain an Italian VISA.

7.1 Entries must be submitted through the registration forms by 15 September 2023.

7.2 When registering (by 15 September 2023), the registration fee of 100 € and a minimum of 50% prepayment of the cost for board and lodging shall be paid through the organizer bank account given.

Entry fee payments must be done to:Hotel payments must be done to:
Account beneficiary holder: UniChess SSDRLAccount beneficiary: CDShotels S.p.A.
Account holder address: Via G. Dottori 90, 06132Account holder address: via Bastianutti 25 73100
Perugia (PG)Lecce (LE)
VAT Number: IT03649350547VAT Number: 02475550758
IBAN account number:IBAN account number:
IT46X0344038420000000175200 (payments in Euro)IT48L0200816008000500068220 (payments in Euro)
Bank name & address: Banco Desio e della Brianza, Via Tiberina 06053 Deruta (PG) - ItalyBank name & address: Unicredit, via Imperatore Augusto 33 Lecce - Italy

7.3 Entry Fees for late registration, withdrawal or no show shall be charged as follow as per FIDE Regulations:

7.3.1 Late registration after the closing date: Two times of stipulated entry fee.

7.3.2 Withdrawal after submission of registration: Two times of stipulated entry fee and one night's hotel expenses.

7.3.3 Noshow after registration: Two times of stipulated entry fee and two night's hotel expenses.

7.4 Each player will be invoiced by the organizers. Upon payments confirmed, the Organizers will send to the players the confirmation of the hotel bookings. Confirmed registrations will then appear on the official website and ChessResults, where players' status may be checked on a daily basis.

7.5 All payments must be finalized upon arrival. Players will not be paired until all payments and fees are transferred to the Organizers.

The venue of the event is CDSHotels Terrasini - Citta del Mare in Terrasini (Palermo, Sicily) 4*

8.1 The official hotel of the event and rates are

Full board, 3 meals/ day:

Sea viewGarden view
Single room125.00 €115.00 €
Double room105.00 €95.00 €

Half board, 2 meals/ day:

Sea viewGarden view
Single room115.00 €105.00 €
Double room95.00 €85.00 €

Prices are per person per day. The playing venue is in the same area of the hotel.

8.2 Invited players, as per point 2.2 of the regulations, are offered FREE full board accommodation in a single room from 24 October (arrival day, dinner) to 6 November (lunch, departure day) and they cannot substitute.

8.3 All players and accompanying persons must be accredited and preferably stay at the official hotel of the event. Bookings and accreditation are possible only through the procedure described in articles 8.1 to 8.2 above.

8.4 Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

8.5 If needed, the final distribution of hotel rooms will be decided by the Organizing Committee.

8.6 The above-mentioned prices are also understood to be valid on the two days before and after the event to ensure the same conditions for participants and their companions.

8.7 As per FIDE Regulations, participants can choose a hotel besides the one offered by the Organizer with at least a 3-week notice (by 10 August 2023). Players staying in other than official hotels are fully responsible for their daily transfers to/from playing venue.

9.1 The tournament will be played using the Swiss System with 11 rounds. The national rankings will not be taken into account for pairings. The rate of play will be in accordance with the FIDE rules: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves plus 30 minutes, plus an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. Default time is 15 minutes.

9.2 Tie break criteria: a) the games between the tied players (only if all tied have played each other), b) Buchholz cut 1, c) Buchholz, d) Sonneborn-Berger, e) the greater number of wins, f) Average Rating of Opponents ARO.

9.3 No draw offers are allowed before 30 moves by each player, without the consent of the arbiter. All other regulations apply as per FIDE Handbook.

9.4 Direct titles available to winners subject to rating criteria

Direct Titles are awarded according to FIDE regulations in force: DirectTitles2017

9.5 FIDE over the board title norms are also possible for the other players based on their performance and their opponent’s titles/ratings as per FIDE Handbook requirements.

9.6 FIDE Anti Cheating Measures and guidelines are in effect during the championship.

9.7 At any time, any circumstance or unforeseen situation not covered in these Regulations shall be referred to the FIDE President for the final decision.

10.1 Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or his assistants must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the appeals committee within 30 minutes after the completion of the respective game. The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 200 € as a deposit from the signatory. The deposit must be handed to the Chairman of the appeals committee. If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit may be forfeited to FIDE.

10.2 Appeals Committee will be announced in due time.

DayTimeTournament activityTimeCollateral activity
25/1010:00Technical meeting
14:30Opening ceremony
15:001st round
26/1015:002nd round
27/1015:003rd round21:30Blitz FIDE rated
28/1015:004th round
29/1015:005th round
30/1015:006th round21:30Blitz FIDE rated
31/10Rest dayVisit to Monreale and Palermo
1/1115:007th round
2/1115:008th round
3/1115:009th round10:00Football match
4/1115:0010th round
5/1115:0011th round
21:30*Closing ceremony and gala dinner with local menu
*The closing ceremony might be delayed depending on the end of the last round

Press releases, photos, highlight videos, a selection of games in pgn format, and general information will be provided on a daily basis through the Telegram Channel and official website.

13.1 Three best players for each tournament will receive a trophy.

13.2 Prize fund 42.500 Euro:

Open Senior 50+Open Senior 65+
1. 3.000,00 Euro - trophy and Gold medal1. 3.000,00 Euro - trophy and Gold medal
2. 2.500,00 Euro - Silver medal2. 2.500,00 Euro - Silver medal
3. 2.000,00 Euro - Bronze medal3. 2.000,00 Euro - Bronze medal
4. 1.500 Euro4. 1.500 Euro
5. 1.000 Euro5. 1.000 Euro
6. 900 Euro6. 900 Euro
7. 800 Euro7. 800 Euro
8. 700 Euro8. 700 Euro
9. 600 Euro9. 600 Euro
10. 500 Euro10. 500 Euro
11. 500 Euro11. 500 Euro
12. 500 Euro12. 500 Euro
13. 500 Euro13. 500 Euro
14. 500 Euro14. 500 Euro

Women 50+Women 65+
1. 1.500,00 - trophy and Gold medal1. 1.500,00 - trophy and Gold medal
2. 1.200,00 - Silver medal2. 1.200,00 - Silver medal
3. 850,00 - Bronze medal3. 850,00 - Bronze medal
4. 600,004. 600,00
5. 500,005. 500,00

Special Prize

Open Senior 75+
1. 1.00,00 Euro
2. 700,00 Euro
3. 500,00 Euro

14.1 According to FIDE Guidelines there shall be a side program of FA, Fide Trainers', and IO seminars which will be announced in due time.

14.2 On the rest day a visit to the city of Monreale (Unesco world heritage) and Palermo will be organized at an additional price.

14.3 Two blitz FIDE rated tournaments will be organized according to the tournament calendar.

14.4 Guests of the CDSHotels Terrasini - Citta del Mare in Terrasini (Palermo, Sicily) 4* will be able to enjoy free of charge all the sports amenities in the village (tennis courts, swimming pools, soccer field).

Official website:



Tournament Director: IO Roberto Mogranzini

Mobile/WhatsApp: +393297954623 Ms. Nadia Ottavi (working hours Mon-Fri 9-17 Rome time)